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Kata Beach 5-star boutique hotel

Nook-Dee by Andacura Premium

5-star Boutique Resort, Kata Beach, Phuket

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Chiang Mai 5-star boutique hotel

Lanna Dusita by Andacura Premium

5-star Boutique Riverside Resort, Chiang Mai

Visit Lanna Dusita

Khao Yai Boutique Resort

Very Isarn by Andacura Premium

5-star Theme Resort Khao Yai (Opening 1/12/2018)

Website under construction

Nimman Chiang Mai Boutique hotel

Cmor by Andacura Harmony

4-star Boutique Hotel, Nimman, Chiang Mai

Visit Cmor

Phuket Budget Hotel

Bee Hive by Andacura Harmony

4-star Hotel, Phuket City (Opening: 15/12/18)

Visit Beehive

Chiang Mai Budget Hotel

Casa Marocc Hotel by Andacura Light

3+-star Hotel, Chiang Mai

Visit Casa Marocc

Chiang Mai Airport Hotel

Andacura Bamboori Boutique Resort

5+ star Urban Resort, Chiang Mai, (15th May 2018)

Visit Andacura Bamboori

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