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A Company on a Mission!

The history of 'Andacura'.

How did it start?

Andacura Hotel Management has been setup because we numerous requests by clients of well-known Mai-BS (Thailand) which is at this stage Thailand's leading hotel consultation firm in Thailand (founded in 2009).

Andacura Hotels is focusing on managing boutique hotels and resorts! Properties which have (or wish to have) a 'heart and soul' and which like to be known being profitable 'trend-setters' and not 'followers' in the very competitive market.

Our days the competition is very strong! Guests have so many choices! Why would (and should) guests book a room with 'you'?
Andacura Hotels and Resorts, which is part of Mai-BS (Thailand) Group, is your best choice expert hotel management company if you wish to be even more successful!

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The 'Backbones' Of Our Company

We are omitted people on a mission.

Klaus R. Rauter

It is my job to oversee the whole operation of our companies.
I however still take time to visit all our properties to follow up myself on progress.

Klaus R. Rauter

CEO & Managing Director
Director Sales & Marketing

As the Group Director of Sales and Marketing I am the person responsible for all strategies.
My mission is to outperform and outmaneuver our competitors at all times when talking about rates, yield and occupancy.

Kittaya Saengsuk

Group Director of Sales & Marketing
Group Director of Operations

I am the person dealing directly with the managers of our properties.
I help those managers to implement needed services and concept. I coach, counsel, guide and follow up with ever single property on a regular basis.

Wikanda Phithak

Group Director of Operations
Group Reservations Manager

I love my work as Group Reservations Manager
I am responsible for the highest yields in occupancy and rates at all our properties.

Sirinapa Lekkla

Group Reservations Manager
Sales Manager

I am the Sales Manager for all overseas markets.
Please contact me for all your requirements.

Phantira Supakan

Sales Manager
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