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When should you work with ‘Andacura’ Hotels and Resorts?

If you wish to develop, operate, have or like to have a very unique boutique hotel or resort.

Why ‘Andacura’ Hotels and Resorts is your best choice?

Becasue we develop YOUR brand. But this is only possible if you are committed to develop or operate a unique hotel or resort with a heart and soul, a solid vision, mission and concept.

Can you do only Sales and Marketing for us?

Basically yes, but this depends on many factors, mainly on how active, creative and professional is your operational team in the hotel or resort. If your team is not able to deliver what we need and want to sell it will not work.

How to you charge?

This cannot be answered here as it depends very much on the size of your property, its potential, challenges etc. But usually it’s a fixed startup fee and after that a percentage of revenue and a percentage of Gross Operating Profit (Incentive)

Why should I consider ‘Andacura’ Hotels and Resorts and not well known brands?

As mentioned, most importantly, we develop YOUR brand and nobody else is doing this as far as we know. Secondly, we are the number one boutique hotel expert known to deliver results. Finally, our clients know at all times what is going on in their hotels and resorts.

Can we meet to discuss?

Sure! Call us or email us and if the property sounds interesting, we will come to meet you and discuss your needs and challenges to understand and see if we are indeed the best choice for you.

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If you have questions, please send us a message.

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